The Answer to Overcoming Marketing Budget and Resource Constraints

The better your data, the better your personalization, segmentation, and automation. Data enrichment enables you to meet your goals more efficiently, despite the resource and budget constraints you’re up against.

How does it work?

Enriched data improves your decision-making, collaboration, and tactical execution. Even if you have a large list of companies to target, or a high number of leads in your database, it’s hard to truly maximize your efforts if you don’t have enough information about them.

With the budget and resources pressures caused by the pandemic, having enriched data can prevent you from spinning your wheels on tactics and prospects that won’t gain any traction.

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Data You Need

Psychographic Data
Portraying the target prospect based on attributes such as habits, values, hobbies, lifestyle, activities, preferences and helping you reach the ideal customer.
Custom Data
Diverse information pertaining to the customer’s persona, job title, online reviews, business location, SaaS companies, etc.
Event Data
Retaining the information of events like conferences, news, press releases, blog posts, and consequently aiding the sales enrichment.

Demographic Data
Characterizing data associated with human ecology as properties such as gender, age, income, education etc.
Firmographic Data
Segregating your essentialities into meaningful categories.
Technographic Data
Profiling the target prospects as per the technology they are adept in.